May 30, 2016

One morning, while drinking coffee, I started looking for motivational quotes online, due to the fact that I was feeling blue a little. My daily dose of inspiration, besides Instagram and other social media networks, is the well-known girly website We Heart It. In that large amount of pictures with quotes, there were some (quite a lot, I’d say) that stood out. Pastel Pink background & Black writing/Fancy Background and #BossBabe.


#BossBabe Inc.’s mission is to lead the future business women into the world of entrepreneurship, making them responsible for their own lives and happiness. It’s an innovative way to inspire the next generation of business women in this wide digital world.

What does the #BossBabe team have to offer? Monthly Mastermind Classes, VIP Boss Babe Academy Facebook Group, Secret Resource Database.

Do you have to pay? Yes, you do. $9.90/month, which is not a huge amount of money, I guess we can all agree. ”Free 7 Day Boss Babe Branding Challenge” is one of the free things, as it can be seen in its name, offered by the Inc.

I will leave you a few quotes, a typical #BossBabe thing, leaving you the chance to look for more.

P.S. You can follow #BossBabe on Instragram –

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