March 28, 2016


Every single day is different, and so are the semesters at the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. New courses with seminars, new teachers and new projects welcomed us this semester. Enthusiastic, as always, today I’m going to talk about this semester’s plan.

In the first semester we had 21 hours of courses + seminars/week, while now we have 25 hours/week. It’s still not a busy schedule, especially if you love what you do. If not, it may probably be tough. These 25 hours are divided into 5 courses with their seminars + a foreign language (French, in my case) + PE. blof1

Organization Theory, Academic Writing, E-Government, Economics, Communication in Public Organizations, French & Internship. Every course brings new and interesting things to the table. I will soon write a post about a few courses, which I find extremely appropriate for my COLLEGE & BUSINESS section.


For every course, there is a seminar. What happens at a seminar? Well, we discuss what we have learned at the previous course and we present or work on projects. For example, during the Economics seminar, we had to make a business plan for our college department, which I found helpful for the future business people.

If you want to have a LEADERSHIP – related career, I highly recommend you to come and study here, because you will enjoy it, for sure :) If you want more details, you can always ask me. I would be more than happy to help you!

I hope you’re all having a great Monday!


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