March 25, 2016

Since I’ve started studying LEADERSHIP at the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, in Cluj-Napoca, I have developed a passion for all the things related to business & entrepreneurial education. More than that, I find it easy nowadays to get informed, with all these articles and online courses. All you need is time and determination – if you have these two things, you will succeed.

What I’ve learned is that I always have time, but only if I truly want to have time. The rest are just pointless excuses. I’ve started noticing that, during certain days, I’m either extremely productive or lazy. I’m currently working on my time management, so I can have time to read, to work, to study and to have time for myself and for my family & friends.

It is great that more and more women are willing to join the business world. So am I. Down below, there are a few articles from my favorite websites. We can all learn together! :) bibkbkj

My all time favorite site for articles related to business, finances, growth strategies, leadership (!), social media, marketing and more is Entrepreneur.com – Here are a few of my favorite articles.

5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Every Time You Speak – click here!

5 Ways to Hack a Business Plan – click here!

Leadership Lessons From Sports Legends – click here!

If you want to read articles about creativity, attitude, goal-setting, motivation, positive thinking and so on, I recommend you Success.com.

10 Ways Successful People Stay Calm – Click here!

Rohn: The Key to Getting All You Want? Discipline – Click here!

To Be Successful, Do What You Do Best – Click here!

What are your favorite articles? Let me know in the comment section down below :)


Photo Source: Entrepreneur.com

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