March 21, 2016

As soon as I open my eyes, I see a little bundle of joy jumping over us and playing between the blankets. It’s 7:45 a.m, on a sunny Sunday. Next to me, my love sleeps peacefully, until our baby dog, Ava, decides to give him a lick on the nose. Knowing that I don’t have any chance to keep on sleeping, I get up to play with Ava and to feed her.*

Playing with her means throwing toys, so she brings them back to me, without letting me actually touch them again. That’s when the fun part starts. As she’s still a baby, biting my hands seems amazing. For her, not for me. After a while, it hurts. We are still teaching her to stop biting. She’s a sweetheart!

After we stop playing, I feed her, while I drink my coffee. I guess that’s her favorite part of the morning. She always gets sleepy after she eats, so she goes under my desk to sleep a little bit more.**

Two hours later, both of my loves wake up. She’s the happiest when Luci wakes up and gives her all his attention. I love seeing them together! She’s extremely loving! She also made a habit out of waiting us at the bathroom door every single time one of us goes in.

*She was not able to go out until she had her vaccines done.

**During the day, she sleeps near to one of us, but during the night, she sleeps in our bed.





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