February 2, 2016

What I’ve learned during the past few years, is the importance of being confident. No one else can be confident for you. It means accepting yourself the way you are, as well as your willingness to change what you don’t like about yourself. It doesn’t mean being cocky, but being aware of your own beauty, which is both inside and outside.

As much as I can, I’m trying to make my friends feel confident. So when I tell someone that they’re beautiful, I truly mean it :) Confidence can be learned and practiced.

Create a list, constantly, at least once a few months, with all of your accomplishments and all of the things you like about yourself. Strengthen those things! Writing down, rather that just thinking about them, will make you realize all these things about you.

Choose clothes that make you feel good. Simple as that. By dressing nice (and by nice I mean exactly the way you like), you will feel confident. Been there, done that :) ”I’m a lot nicer when I like my outfit” – True saying, girl! hahah

Think positive – well, you probably hear this all the time, but having positive thoughts impacts your mood. Make a habit out of this. It’s not easy, at least not at the beginning, but in time you’ll, for sure, learn to keep a positive attitude. Which is also sexy!

Listen to music, but listen to those songs that make you feel sexy, strong and unstoppable. Because that’s what you are. A sexy, strong and unstoppable woman! P.S – Dance!

Accept compliments, because it will not only boost your self-esteem, but it will also give you a great mood.

Understand the fact that everybody has their own bad days. Some just don’t choose to show it. Life’s not always amazing. It’s a roller coaster, with ups and downs. Fear is also a normal feeling. Accept it with a positive attitude.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Never, ever in your life. You have different values, goals, thoughts and resources. Always try to be a better version of yourself.

These things take time. Remember that it takes 20 days to make or to break a habit. Stick to healthy habits, physically and mentally, and your confidence will improve sooner than you think.

My tattoo that says: ”Confident”. I wanted to have this tattoo in the moment I decided that, from that point on, I will forever be confident. I am :)



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