January 31, 2016

Today I want to talk a little bit about saving money and, in a few days, about managing your finances. Since I’ve moved in Cluj-Napoca with my boyfriend, I’ve started paying more attention to my own money: what I buy & what I pay for. More than that, one of my new year’s resolutions is to save money. Here are a few basic tips!

Set a realistic goal: First of all, it’s recommended to set a goal, to have an idea of how much you will be able to save. Being realistic will make it easier for you to actually achieve your goal. Write it down on your agenda or on a sticky note, but make sure that you will see it everyday.

Set a time limit: I personally recommend you to keep your time limit short, like 1 or 2 years. You never know if, in the future, you are still going to earn the same amount of money as you do now.

Keep a budget: This simple thing will make you aware of all the things you buy and pay for. I’ve started doing this not a long time ago, but it’s the best possible way to be financially organized. I write down my budget monthly. Also, keeping the receipts helps!

Split your money: I recommend you to have two files or two accounts: one for spending and one for savings. Every time you get paid, split the money. For example, 30% of your money goes into your savings account and 70% of it goes for rent, food, gas, clothes and so on.

Don’t take all of your spending money with you: If you do, you’ll be more tempted to spend money on useless things. Take only a small amount of money.

I’m looking forward to hearing your tips when it comes to saving money :)


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