Birthday Surprise!

April 28, 2015


There’s nothing better than waking up and seeing your lover by your side, especially on such a great day, like your birthday. It happened to me today. Unfortunately, he wasn’t by my side. He was at my door. He can easily surprise me because I’m not trying to guess, as he does :D. I don’t even suspect anything!

His first gift for my birthday was in March, I guess. One month before my birthday. But after that, he actually asked me what I want. My answer was straight: ”Flowers & Balloons!”. Simple things do make me happy. Of course, I’d like a car or a big house, but the real happiness is found in these simple things, made with a great love.

Two days ago – a beautiful and sunny Sunday – we both decided to stay in because we were pretty lazy. At one point, he told me that he was going with his dad to buy some food. Said and done. As I’ve just told you – nothing suspicious! Right after we talked, my mom asked me what kind of cake I would like to have for my 19th birthday. I’m a lover of ice cream, that’s why I don’t have a problem eating it during winter or whenever I want to. Guess what cake I was into? Ice cream caaake! So we went out to buy an ice cream cake.

Later that day, I was happily telling Luci that I got ice cream. His answer: ”It would perfectly go with a fruit tart, wouldn’t it?” – See? Nothing to suspect. At least from my point of view, haha 😀 The day went by and before I was getting ready to go to sleep, he asked me if I was going to call him in the morning – our little habit. Suddenly, he told me: ”I’ll call you at 6:45 (a.m).  Will you still be at home? No, no! Actually, I’ll call you at 6:50. I’ll sleep 5 more minutes.” ”Yes, I’ll be at home. I’ll leave only at 7:00. My mom will take me to school.” – I said.


6:45 a.m, I guess. Got a call – ”Good morniiiing! Happy Birthday, again! 😀 Can you open the door, please?” – Luci. Done. But I was waiting and waiting. I opened the door – nothing! I called him – nothing! Where was he?!

After a few seconds, I heard my door. Surprise! It was Luci, holding a fruit tart made by him, with 19 candles and flowers!! Under the tart, there was a magazine – Glamour Romania. He knew that I didn’t get to buy it, this month, so he bought it for me. I hardly managed to hold my tears! He was smiling and my heart started to melt! He has always known how to surprise me, even without an occasion 😀 I swear I’m so happy and thankful!

The most precious moments are those shared with your loved ones, especially with the man you love and who loves you. And flowers. Lots of flowers! 

My family knows that I love flowers, so they give me flowers, haha 😀

I wish you all the same amount of happiness I have in my life! I believe that everyone deserve this!


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