Beauty. Love. Confidence

April 5, 2015


 To live a beautiful life, one must always believe in love, but the most important – to believe in herself. When you’re confident, you know that people’s opinion won’t change your goals, your own worth or your mind.

I’ve started (truly) to believe in myself only at 16 years old – and I’ve got a tattoo which says ”Confident”, as a reminder, to stop being afraid of what others think. Before that, I was pretty much affected by what others thought of me – but I guess it wasn’t so obvious. I used to go out with people I didn’t really enjoy being with – just because that lack of confidence made me ignore my real personality. Being always hunted by the feeling that you’re not good enough or asking yourself ”What do they think of me? Do they like me?” is awful. It’s one of the biggest mistake. People don’t really know your reasons, your thoughts nor your feelings. Now, honestly, I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like me. Don’t like me? That’s fine 😀 My life is still beautiful. I’ve stopped wasting my time thinking why I’m not liked by certain people.

 In time, I’ve learned that, in order to achieve great things, I have to believe in myself and in my ability to change all the wrong things in my life. I know the feeling of being insecure. I really do. That’s why I love to compliment my friends and not only. I enjoy telling them ”Hey, you’re pretty!” or ”You can do this, you can do that!” Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves!

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Being beautiful involves being confident and having a beautiful soul, not only a pretty face or good clothes. Kindness is a must-have. Be happy and enjoy every single good thing in your life. Being beautiful means being happy! We all have bad days, I know, trust me. But, in the end, happiness is shown in our eyes, in our smile. I do believe that every girl has their own beauty. Girls who compliment other girls are treasures. I’m always trying to find the beauty in others 😀


I love to love. I love seeing love and I love people who love each other. It can be easily shown in a lot of ways. My guy definitely knows how to make feel loved and I love and appreciate him!!  ”Text me when you get home!” – Hey, Csilla! I love you! – or the way Andreea and Adriana compliment me. I love you too, girls! ♥ I love the way people are passionate about something or the way they love life. Love makes people even more beautiful! Share your love, it’s easy! Who and what do you love

P.S – If you ever want to come and talk to me, do it! 😀 I would really love to!


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