Let’s take some graduation photos!

March 14, 2015


”It’s already march and I really can’t believe it! September was like 3 weeks ago” – I’m thinking, as I keep on looking at some pictures on We Heart It. Lately, it’s been my favorite activity for a lazy Saturday & Sunday morning. I wasn’t planning to think about Graduation or school, not today. Not on this cloudy day. I’d rather think of summer, instead.

I couldn’t helped myself when I noticed these beautiful portraits of two models and, instantly, it popped into my mind that, next week, my class is going to take some graduation photos – HOORAY!

PicMonkey Collage

March is the start of  the “Getting ready for graduation!” process, I’d say. It’s exciting to think that, in less than 80 days (it’s not like I’m counting or something :D), we’ll end another chapter in our lives and this chapter is called ‘Highschool’.


This post is dedicated to all the girls who are getting ready for their big day – Graduation Day.

The Mood Maker/Pure Passion – your favorite lipstick! Girls, those pictures will be kept in your highschool for a very, very long time, so make sure that you’ll wear great – foundation, lipstick, mascara & eyeliner – cosmetics.

Here are a few ideas for your make-up:




I can’t wait to talk with you more about this subject and to share with you my ideas. I will soon show you pictures of the outfit we (girls) are going to wear that day + (later – in April) the prom dress and the process of making it.

What are your favorite make-up products? Are you, as well, finishing highscool this May? Let me know!


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