Happy Woman’s Day, beauties!

March 8, 2015


Hello, my beauties! Today is dedicated to you, to us, to every single woman. You all deserve to be treated like queens, because that’s what you are! Feel beautiful, confident, loved, blessed, unstoppable and strong – not only today, but everyday.

There are so many things a woman should be grateful for! Buy gifts for yourself whenever you want, dance a lot – it will make you feel more relaxed, buy lots of flowers, sing, dress up, drink wine, make plans to achieve your goals, go shopping, eat a little cupcake, cry if you feel the need (it’s not the end of the world if you feel upset once in a while) but be happy after that! You matter!


I’m a strong believer in love. Love – relationships, friendships and respect. I do believe that women should help each other, love each other. Let’s be glamorous and successful, all of us! You don’t mess with a woman who has found herself through being picked on. Walk with your head up. Always. Enjoy privacy and silence – these are the real luxuries.

“If you believe in yourself and realize how wonderful you are, you can do anything.” – I’ve just seen this on one of the chicest girls on Twitter. Silky pajamas and a good magazine – the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday & Women’s Day. 

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I wish you all a beautiful spring full of sunny days and pretty moments. You all deserve it, cuties!


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