Saturday morning – thoughts

January 24, 2015


 ”I will write tonight!” – I told myself yesterday morning, while heading to school. It’s been a busy week, but I believe that it was worth it! Even though I’ve had only a few moments of doing nothing – exactly, nothing – I decided to sleep, in order to recharge my batteries. Let’s go back! Friday has been (actually, the past 3 Fridays) a shopping kind of day. School – home – Promenada Mall – home. Can you guess what happened after I got home? Exactly! I fell asleep.

This is how my Saturday has started – waking up to the smell of my favorite coffee, around 8 a.m. Eh, waking up… More like ‘trying to wake up’. Setting my alarm for 10 a.m sounded great! Easier said than done. ”I will sleep 5 more minutes. Only 5. I promise” – I was thinking. I’ve never been so wrong!

I was only trying to enjoy my beloved bed with all the pillows I’ve bought or received by now – and what else was I supposed to do on such a windy morning? Surfing the internet, listening to music, reading magazines, texting, drinking coffee and thinking of an outfit for tonight’s party- all these things are relaxing if done while staying in bed.

Now, it’s around 2:30 p.m (RO) – Good morning! I’ve finally managed to get out of bed and to drink a cup of coffee. Later, I’ll take a hot bath because ”why shouldn’t I enjoy this day even more?”

I’m happy to have this kind of moments in my life, moments of silence, moments of love…


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