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December 21, 2014


Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Christmas means being home with your family and friends, giving & sharing love. I enjoy decorating the whole house, listening to Romanian carols but not only and going shopping in order to buy the greatest things for my guy and my family.

It’s 10:50 p.m and I’m home, while everyone is out, partying. The reason why I decided to stay in tonight is because I’m sick and some of you might have seen on twitter that I’m coughing like a donkey. Before going to a birthday party, Luci wanted to surprise me with McDonald’s 😀 Even though I hate its taste and I hate junk food, in general, today I was craving McDonald’s. Now I’m okay :))

The atmosphere in my bedroom is cozy. I have a desk lamp turned on and Christmas lights on the window 😀

Let’s go back to today’s subject!

Buying gifts for your loved ones might seem a little tricky. Once you take a deeper look, there are actually so many great gift options for them. Here are a few ideas:




Grand Chronograph Leather Watch

grant chronograph leather watch

La Nuit De L’homme – Yves Saint Laurent

La nuit de l'homme le parfum

Black satin bow tie

satin bow tie

Suede gloves

suede gloves


Gold bangles


Black Opium – Yves Saint Laurent

black opium

Mini shoulder bag

mini shoulder bag

Sparkly stone earrings

sparkly stone earrings

Silver mobile phone clutch

mobile phone clutch


I, personally, love decorating my home in order to have it the way I like it and to be cozy. Candles, pillows, blankets – all these are great gifts for someone like me. If you have a person that also enjoys decorating their home, here are a few ideas that might help you.

Pillows – a lot of them!

cotton cushion metallic cushion

Woven blanket

woven blanket

Scented candle

scented candle

Stemmed glass bowl

stemmed glass bowl

Storage boxes

storage boxes

Oh, are you guys excited to watch The Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies? Or have you already watched it? Because I know that in France, it has came out earlier than in Romania. I’m going to watch it today and I’m pretty curious about it. To be honest, I didn’t like the first one, the 2nd one was good and now I want to see if the 3rd one is better 😀



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