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October 10, 2014


As you may know, fall is definitely my favorite season, with its colors and cozy atmosphere, pumpkin, chestnuts, wine with cinnamon, Halloween and, of course, fashion! Therefore, today I’m gonna show you a few of my favorite items for a stylish fall. In the second part of this post, you’ll have a sneak peek of Raluca’s post – her beauty must-haves!

During fall, it’s absolutely necessary to own a pair of boots. Well, H&M has these amazing quilted boots that I highly recommend! Those rainy and cold days won’t be awful anymore.


I’ve always been a lover of this item and I know that you will love it, as well. Beside the fact that it’s perfect for fall, it’s easy to style it with a jumper and a pair of boots. What do you think now about those quilted boots? 😀


The next item is made for colder days. I’m talking about the beige double-breasted jacket, in one of the cutest colors that represent this season. Of course, you can choose between other colors, such as blue and black.


You might have seen that, lately, everybody has started to wear ponchos. Well, it’s not only comfortable, but also stylish. You don’t have to worry about other jackets, as long as you have a poncho. It can be easily worn with a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. Get this one from H&M and I bet that you’ll love it! 😀


You can leave your (wool) hat on! Who doesn’t love them? It’s super pretty and it’s definitely a must-have for this fall! No more bad hair days! It’s windy outside and you know what happens with our hair… You should go and get one as soon as possible!


This braided headband is both useful and great! I love the fact that it has an amazing way of keeping you hair in place and it also keeps your ears from freezing, haha! It’s already on my list! What about you?


It was love at first sight with this soft fake fur tube scarf! It’s my favorite item right now and I can’t wait to buy this beauty. I really wanted to share this scarf with you, girls! 😀




It’s the 10th of October and the autumn has already settled in the town.

We all know that a new season comes with changes.

Beauty & fashion is different every season of the year therefore my lovely friend Andrada and I thought about writing a blogpost together and here we are! Here on my blog I’m going to talk about the beauty essentials in the fall season and Andrada is going to write about the fall fashion essentials!

Let’s get started!  😀


With fall, dark lipsticks come back to life!

Everything seems better when you have a red/dark red lipstick on when it’s chilly outside.

Fall is the season for them dark lips so go ahead and rock them all day err’day!  <3

One staple red toned lip colour is a must have for this time of year!

We all loved summer with its crazy vibrant colours on trend but now it’s time to let go.. We have to say goodbye to bright and neon nailpolishes.


Neutral coloured nailpolishes are the best for the autumn. They just match with everything outside. But the most loved nailpolish colour this time of the year is the burgundy one. My nails have been this colour for the last 5 weeks and I haven’t gotten bored of it!

So go ahead and switch your pink/coral nail colour with one of the previous mentioned!

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