Lifestyle: My favorite kind of morning

September 5, 2014


“Morning is an important time of the day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have”

It’s around 7 a.m and the sun is shining brightly. My pink room, that has now an orange-yellow touch, is lighten up in a glamorous way that can’t be described with words. Everything looks so peaceful! I’m still in my bed, which is full of pillows, enjoying the silence and the last days of summer, because somehow, you can feel that fall’s almost here. It’s one of those mornings when all you do and all you actually want to do is to enjoy it. No alarms, no phone calls, no hurry! Only a good song and the thought of him.

8 a.m calls for a simple, but delicious, breakfast, even though the star of my morning is my cup of coffee. The whole apartment is still surrounded in a warm color, it’s impossible to ignore the beauty of a summer morning. I’m preparing my breakfast while singing Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. I wish I could record the smell of coffee that’s now in the kitchen! A few strawberries, a banana and a kiwi – voila! Now I’m going back in my room, to take a magazine – Glamour Romania – to read it while I’m sipping on coffee.

It’s 9 a.m and I’m back in my bed, for at least one hour. Pillows everywhere! My bed is my little corner of happiness. Above it, I have a board full of inspirational quotes, pictures taken from magazines and also, personal pictures. Checking Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and a bunch of sweet messages from HIM. It’s in my morning routine to search for pictures on We Heart it. I’ve made a habit out of it. But now I think it’s time to get ready for another (but short) vacation with my lover.


These simple things in life are more important than we all think. Let’s appreciate them! I wish you all a great weekend. See you again on Monday, with a new post 😀


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