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August 11, 2014

Hello, girls!

Writing in english seems to be better for my blog, that’s why I’ll keep on doing it. As you know, the latest posts were in romanian (but they were translated in english, at least a part of them) and they were written for a romanian contest. Even though I have one more post to write, I can say that it was a really nice blogging experience and I’ll know how to react next time (for example, to write waaay more articles, haha) 😀 Oh, the gala is going to take place in Bucharest, on August 21st.  Another obvious thing is that is now (hoooray!!). These are the things I wanted to tell you about.


I’m definitely a life lover, and even a life lover has her/his own bad days, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a little bit of inspiration. Sometimes, I find it hard to start writing a new post or I don’t have insteresting ideas. Inspiration can be found everywhere, we only have to look for it. For today’s post, I’ve decided to show you my sources of inspiration.

Instagram is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me for the reason that I follow a lot of bloggers and travellers. Using tags helps me a lot, especially when I want to find a particular category of things. I highly recommend everyone to use Instagram as a source of inspiration. Also, the “‘explore” button will show you pictures related to those pictures you like or people you follow. It’s very helpful. I will also do a special post just for this subject, to share with you my favorite Instagram accounts.


We heart it is also a huge inspiration for me. I waste a lot of time searching for pictures and I can honestly say that I find here a lot of pretty things, ideas and fashion related pictures. Down below is a little (a very, very little) part of my account. I also like We heart it because it’s girly and I simply love girly things! I have to work on my collections and organize them. If you like someone’s collection, you can follow just that one, without following the account.


I always find inspiration in magazines (Glamour, Elle, The One, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and so on). What girl doesn’t find inspiration in magazines? I adore them! Reading a magazine is very relaxing, especially on a lazy day when you don’t really want to go out. You can always find ideas for your outfits, home or also some tips when it comes to losing weight.


I often get inspiration from people. They all have something interesting to show, if you pay attention. Some of the are nicely dressed, some are always hurried, beautiful, calm, angry, happy. Also, when I’m watching a fashion show, I pay attention to models as much as I care about the collection which is presented.


I hope you enjoyed it. Never forget that inspiration can be found everywhere: fashion shows, ads, on the street, school, job, books and so on.



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