Get ready for summer: Pool/Beach bag essentials!

June 18, 2014

Hello, beauties! 😀

In this post I’m gonna be writing about my beach/pool bag essentials because I also love reading other girls’ posts and it’s an interesting subject :)


My beach bag is a white one, from H&M. I’ve always had colorful beach bags, but I’ve had my eye on this one for a really long time and I thought it would be nice to have a simple one this summer.

On the top of my ”must-have” list is a hat. You shouldn’t go to the beach/pool without a hat. I really love wearing floppy hats. When you’re lying by the pool, they keep the sun out of your face and they also keep your hair from blowing everywhere.

Let’s not forget about towels! Or at least one towel. I’ve got two, one from Kappa and the other one from Auchan (they have a lot of nice stuff there, you should definitely go and check). I like to have one more, just in case. That’s why I keep two of them in my bag. One can be used as a pillow 😀

A sunburn isn’t cute on anyone, neither healthy. Therefore, a sunscreen is definitely a must. I buy one every single summer. I still haven’t bought one but I will (these days). I will let you know!

You never have enough hair ties with you, trust me! I like to tie my hair while swimming but, at the same time, I keep on losing my hair ties. I end up buying more, more and more… They’re useful and you never know when one of your friends might need one.

Protecting your eyes is as important as protecting your skin, that’s why I always take with me a pair of sunglasses. My eyes are really sensitive and I can’t leave my house without sunglasses. That’s the way I avoid getting a headache: by wearing sunglasses 😀

Headphoooones! Yes, take your headphones with you, especially if you’re a music love (who isn’t?!). Enough said here.

A big bottle of water and some snacks, like dried fruits or peanuts. My favorite mix is hmm…dried grapes with salt-free peanuts, yummmy! Drink a lot of water, guys! It’s so important for your health! Never ever forget about a bottle of water.

Who doesn’t like to wear flip-flops? 😀 I have mine from Auchan, of course. They’re pretty and cheap. I buy one pair every single summer because I get bored of the other ones.

Let’s review the list:

-hair ties
-water & snacks

These are my beach/pool bag essentials 😀 What are yours? Leave a comment in the section below, telling me your must haves.

Kisses, my loves!

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