Lifestyle: Get ready for summer!

May 12, 2014

Hello, my loves! 😀

Even though today’s weather makes me think of London or Copenhagen, my heart is dreaming of a sunny place like Maldives or any other exotic island. The fact that we still have to go to school gives us more time to get ready for summer.

Even if you’re thinking of losing weight, toning your abs or even going shopping for summer clothes/items, there are a lot of  places and exercises to choose from.


One of the main aim when it comes to getting your body ready for summer is to feel good in your own skin! :)

This is a little preview of what’s going to be posted soon! GET READY FOR SUMMER! You’ll find here a lot of tips and tricks in order to look and feel great this summer!


The first article will be posted soon! Kisses, beauties!

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