Life and health: Healthy Food Swaps!

January 13, 2014

Hello, my loves!

As I told you in one of my first posts, I’m trying to have (at least as much as I can) a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in this post I’m going to write about how to make a healthier switch from something that you love to eat and it’s maybe unhealthy.

It’s so important to eat right, to take care of your body and I’m sure you already know that and what’s good for your skin, for your hair, for your nails, for your body, both physically and mentally.  I hope you enjoy and find this helpful!

 1. White bread with traditional toppings. 

The first thing I want to write about is bread. I’m sure we all love bread but, especially the white one, it can be highly processed and it’s very bad for our digestive system. To replace white toast with toppings like cheese or nutella, I recommend whole wheat toast, rice cakes or grain toast with toppings like avocado, hummus, banana & cinnamon, peanut butter, smoked salmon. And all of these can be found in Auchan.

2. Candy bars and sweets. 

The next tip is switching candy bars, food bars and things that just have a lot of chemicals for regular sliced food. It sounds so simple and it really is! It will give you that amazing sweetness that you’re craving for. It will give you vitamins and it’s a natural source of sugar. My favorites are apples, bananas, forrest fruits, oranges and if you like, you can mix them 😀

3. White pasta. 

*The first thing that comes across my mind when I think of pasta is a fancy, italian restaurant, near a beach, oh..* 

Just like bread, I’m sure everybody loves pasta, it tastes amazing but it’s not good for you. Again, it’s white carbs that are highly processed. There are a few replacements for regular pasta, and one of the best is brown rice pasta. Another thing that replaces white pasta or, why not, white rice is wild rice. Brown and wild rice is yummy!

4. Soda and Fruit juice. 

The next thing is to replace sodas and fruit juice. We all know that soda has nothing good for our bodies. There are fruit juices and most of them have written on their bottles that are healthy and have a lot of vitamins and bla, bla.  Those juices are stored for so many days, and for example, cut an apple and leave it until tomorrow. You’ll see that it gets browny. Now imagine drinking an apple juice. Exactly! Now stop drinking stored ”apple” juice because obviously, it has no apples in it and it’s full of chemicals. So, to replace this, drink freshly made juices and smoothies (including leafy greens like spinach), green tea, which is very good for you body, and of course, water.

5. Potatoes: chips, baked, fries. 

Replace regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. You can bake them just like those regular ones, but they taste better and are a little bit healthier.

Always remember to eat clean food, not only to lose weight, but to feel healthy and to look healthy. Try to keep lots of healthy foods, so whenever you feel feel hungry and you crave something sweet, you can just take an apple instead of something processed.

That’s all for now. I wish you a great week!

Kisses! ♥

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