Christmas Blog Posts: Traditions

December 9, 2013

Hello, beauties!

Officially, there are 2 more weeks of school and 15 more days until Christmas Eve! I’ve already started to decorate, the only thing that’s missing is our Christmas Tree, but we’ll decorate it on 23rd or 24th, following the tradition of my family. What are your habits/traditionts when it comes to Christmas? 

On 24th I usually go caroling with my classmates. I’ve been doing this since hmm I was 12, as I remember. On 25th I’m going with my family to my grandparents’ house for a special Christmas Breakfast/Lunch, and there we all open our gifts. It’s such a pretty atmosphere when all your family is together, having a great time ❤ Last year, after I spent time with my family, I went to my boyfriend’s house (it was our 1st Christmas together!!) and this year, he’ll come to my grandparents’ house and after that I’ll go again to his house.

Lately I’ve been looking for some cute ideas for Christmas: outfits, nails and so on. I like simple things, and this goes for nails, as well. Here are some pictures of what I’ve found by now:

I’m waiting for snow, but it doesn’t seem to come soon, which makes everything look like spring. Or at least this is my feeling everytime I look through the window, but when I go out it’s so cold, brr! I can’t believe it’s already the last month of 2013.

In the next post I want to write a recipe for gingerbread or some Christmas cookies, but before I end this post, I want to ask you what are your wishes for this Christmas? What are you habits/traditions? 

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Kisses, my loves!

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